Lab and pilot-scale SCF extraction systems are listed here. Please contact us for details on our standard range of systems or contact us with your application or capability requirements.  We routinely customize and deliver systems for processing botanicals, natural products, polymers and other fine chemicals.  

We manufacture lab-scale extraction systems in 100 mL, 500 mL, 1L and 5L extraction vessel volumes.  Additional extractor volumes, flow, pressure, temperature and fractionation options are available customize extraction systems to your needs. Reaction, RESS and SAS systems are also available for research and application development. 

Pilot-plant range offered with single or multiple vessels for batch and semi-continuous operations from Kilos to hundreds of Kilos of material processing.  Systems in standard or custom to your application are available in  2x5L, 2x25L, 2x50L, 2x75L and 2x100L sizes.

Please contact us with your requirements.  All we need from you is what, how much and how fast you want to process.  We will do the rest and present you with options. 

You can read about features in greater detail on Learn More page and see demonstration video on our Multimedia page.

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