Most industrial processes involve some level of heating and cooling. Control of this process can be the difference between a successful manufacture and a cost effective one. One company that has been at the forefront in Thermal control is Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG, based in Germany. (Established in 1984 by Peter Huber, their thermal regulation process Offers precise temperature control for laboratory, pilot plants and production processes throughout the world.

Considered as international experts in this field, we sought their views when exploring the thermal regulation for our supercritical CO2 products.

As many of you know CO2 extraction involves manipulating both pressure and temperature to control the density of the CO2 used in our extractions. Most people focus on pressure control, but temperature is just as important when preforming an extraction.
Like many others we offer our standard laboratory to pilot scale systems with electrical heater bands which offer excellent control when operating between 25 °C and 150 °C. But what if we want to go lower in temperature? There are many interesting processing conditions when exploring sub ambient conditions when looking at CO2 extraction. Anything below the supercritical point at 31 °C is classed at Subcritical. These extraction conditions can result in reduced wax extraction when looking at an extracting a natural product such as Hemp and Cannabis.

We need a product to accurately control a temperature range from 0 °C up to 150 °C. this is where the cutting-edge products that Huber can offer to achieve this accurate control over desired range at varying scales.

Their wealth of knowledge and technical expertise helped us choose the most appropriate products for our extractions.

As we wanted to control our own process, with Huber’s help we integrated this direct into our software, making sure we can not only control the external jacket temperature of our vessels, but we can offer internal control of the gas temperature! This is important as there can be a temperature lag when offering control only from the jacket. It can take some time to translate this temperature through the steel of the extraction vessel to your process – thus affecting your extraction.

We are always keen to work with manufacturers and customers at forefront at their fields. Please get in touch if you want to talk to us further about your supercritical or subcritical CO2 extraction requirements.